The ALTA Conference features over one hundred panels, roundtables, readings, and workshops. The proposal process is competitive, and panel organizers are encouraged to review the open letter, and familiarize themselves with our proposal handbook and presenter guidelines before planning and submitting a proposal.

Proposals for sessions at our 2015 conference in Tucson are due by Friday May 1, 2015, and applications to participate in the Bilingual Readings Series are due by Wednesday July 1, 2015.

Submission Guidelines

  • ALTA does not accept individual paper submissions. Proposals for sessions must be submitted by session organizers.
  • Session organizers may also present, or moderate, or both.
  • Sessions may be fully organized before submitting, or organizers may invite additional participants to join the session once it has been accepted. 
  • Only ALTA members may organize and submit session proposals. Click here to check your membership status, join, or renew.
  • You do not need to be a member to be listed as a participant on a session proposal.
  • Anyone may apply to participate in the Bilingual Readings Series, though preference is given to ALTA members. 
  • Members may submit a session proposal, as well as apply to participate in the Bilingual Readings Series.
  • Participants may not be listed on more than three sessions, including the Bilingual Reading Series.

Session Types


We are seeking panels of 2-6 presenters, including a moderator (who may also present). Panel participants need not be ALTA members. Panels are generally 75 minutes long, and must include time for general discussion and audience responses (we suggest at least 20 minutes). Each panelist should be allotted 10-15 minutes depending on the number of panelists (3-4 is ideal). We request that panelists not read papers but prepare talking points and examples instead in order to deliver an engaging talk.


Roundtables are more loosely structured with more participants, less presentation time per participant, and more time for interaction among participants and audience members. 


Workshops generally focus on texts provided in advance.

Bilingual Readings

The Bilingual Reading Series is one of the most popular events at the conference. Each reader gets 10-15 minutes to read (in however many languages they choose, English-only is just fine too!) their translations. The readings run throughout the conference day, and sometimes continue to offsite evening events like the popular Café Latino.


We invite panels, roundtables, and workshops on all topics related to the general theme of traffic and literary translation, to which we envision a broad array of possible approaches, both direct and indirect, including:

  • Publishing, editing, and book promotion
  • Author/Translator relationships
  • Grants, sponsorship and other forms of patronage
  • Gender and sexuality, race and ethnicity
  • The languages of history, cultural memory
  • Author panels, country-specific panels
  • Text and paratext (e.g., translator prefaces, intros, notes, afterwards)
  • Translation and other arts (e.g., design, music)
  • Nuances of practice (in fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction)
  • Text and/or language specific workshops

Questions may be sent to Conference Committee Chair Chad Post at or ALTA Managing Director Erica Mena at