2024 Multilingual Translation Workshops

2024 Multilingual Translation Workshops

Signing Up

ALTA holds two rounds of workshops per year, in the spring (April) and summer (August). Slots fill quickly! In order to receive notice of registration dates, make sure to sign up for our newsletter.

spring 2024 workshops are now full! 

While workshops are open to all, ALTA members receive 20% off of all tickets following these steps with the member promo code:

  • Members should input the code above the list of tickets, in the box that says Promo Code.
  • Click "Apply" to will see the price change.
  • If you need the code, please search your email for "ALTA member promo code" or write to info@literarytranslators.org.

What to Expect 

Once you register for a workshop, you will receive a confirmation email with the following links:

  • Link to upload your workshop text (with corresponding source text) to Dropbox
  • Link to view your fellow participants' work prior to the workshop
  • Link to join your workshop in Zoom at the appointed day/time

After attending the workshop:

  • You will have the opportunity to share feedback in a survey, linked in a separate email. We look forward to hearing from you!

To ensure the best experience, we request workshop participants make the following commitments:

  • Please submit a short translation text of yours and its corresponding original source text by the deadline in your confirmation email. Please limit your translation submission to one page. If you submit a longer text, the workshop leaders will only read and comment on the first page. Also, please be aware that if you submit your text after the deadline, your workshop leader may not be able to comment on your text before the workshop. However, you are still welcome to attend the workshop. When you register for a workshop, a link to submit your texts will be sent to you in your Eventbrite confirmation email.
  • Please read your peers’ work and be ready to comment on it before your workshop starts (you are not required to give the translator written comments, however). In order to give your workshop leader and fellow participants enough time to read everyone's work prior to the workshop, please be sure to submit your work on time.
  • When you submit your translation, you are encouraged to include one paragraph of context summary in the same document. (This does not count against your one-page limit on your translation.) This should be simply a few words about the author and the text, and why you chose this piece.
  • Email addresses for the 6 participants in your workshop will be shared with the group in advance of the workshop so that you may contact each other if you like. If you would prefer your email address NOT be shared with your fellow participants, please email ALTA at info@literarytranslators.org to opt out.
  • Workshop participants agree to abide by and uphold ALTA's Terms and Conditions and Code of Conduct.
  • Please note: all workshops will be captioned using Zoom's automatic transcription feature.