Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

ALTA works to maintain the privacy of visitors to This privacy policy explains ALTA's limited uses of the information we collect from you when you visit the site, create a user account, or purchase a product or service.

Credit Card Information

ALTA does not store credit card information on our website or servers. All payments are processed in a secure third-party gateway.

Your Email Address

ALTA uses your email address mainly to facilitate your membership and your participation in ALTA projects and services. Generally, ALTA will not distribute your email address to third parties, but there are two exceptions to this general rule.

ALTA will limit its distribution of your email address to relevant third-party partners (including those searching to hire a translator). ALTA will not distribute your email address to another individual or organization outside the purposes described in this policy. If you prefer not to receive messages from third-party partners, you may opt out in your membership profile.

Demographic Data

Usage data collected by our website and email is not shared, given, or sold to any third party and is used solely by ALTA to analyze the website’s usage, calculate membership’s average usage of our email messages, enhance the user’s experience, and verify fair and appropriate use of the services ALTA provides.

The optional demographic information we solicit in surveys, at the time of your user account registration, and at the time of conference registration helps us to tailor communications with our stakeholders and to understand our membership and conference audience. Specific information about any one user is never shared, given, or sold to any third party. Only aggregate statistical data is shared with prospective sponsors, funders, and the public.

ALTA sometimes conducts comprehensive surveys of our members in order to gather data on the state of literary translation. Your individual responses are confidential. ALTA publishes only totals from aggregate statistical data. These surveys are important in directing ALTA's future advocacy work for professional standards.

Your Street Address

We use your name and USPS address, when applicable, to fulfill your partner publication subscriptions and to solicit individual donations. From time to time, we make your mailing address available for rental to our peer literary organizations for postal mail solicitations. Please contact us at to exclude your address from any future list rental.