Italian Prose in Translation Award (IPTA)

Italian Prose in Translation Award (IPTA)

The Italian Prose in Translation Award (IPTA), which was inaugurated in 2015, recognizes the importance of contemporary Italian prose (fiction and literary non-fiction) and promotes the translation of Italian works into English. This $5,000 prize will be awarded annually to a translator of a recent work of Italian prose (fiction or literary non-fiction). The winning translators and books are featured at the annual ALTA conference.

Books of fiction or literary non-fiction translated from Italian into English and published in English in the previous calendar year are eligible. Both translators and publishers are invited to submit titles.

Submissions will be judged according to the literary significance of the original and the success of the translation in recreating the literary artistry of the original. While the IPTA is primarily intended to recognize the translation of contemporary works, re-translations or first-time translations of important older works will also be seriously considered.

Submissions are accepted beginning in January each year. The deadline for nominating books published in 2019 is May 4, 2020. 

How to Submit:

1. Complete the entry form online (Deadline: May 4, 2020). 

2. Send hard copies of the book(s) submitted to the judges requesting them. Publishers will receive judges' addresses in the online entry form confirmation email. Please do not send hard copies of the book to ALTA directly. Books sent to ALTA will not be considered submitted for the award.