The ALTA Bookfair is always a celebration of the work of our community. Enjoy browsing the titles translated by your colleagues, and know that with every purchase, you're giving back to ALTA and to indie bookstores, and supporting translators and their presses! Read on to find out more about our options for celebrating translated books below, including the ALTA46 Bookfair and our Bookfair.

Requesting Books for the ALTA46 Bookfair

ALTA is delighted to announce that this year's conference bookfair is being run in partnership with the University of Arizona Bookstore, on November 9 and 10. Requests for titles to be included at the ALTA46 bookfair were due by August 1, 2023. ALTA staff will be in touch in advance of the conference to let you know if your book was able to be ordered.

Please note that titles must be published within the past five years, returnable, and distributed in the U.S. Requesting a book does not guarantee that it will be available at the bookfair. Due to our agreement with the bookseller, some books are unable to be requested due to their distributor, even if they fulfill the above requirements. (This could be due to a book having a "short discount," or other significant shipping costs.) We make every effort to include as many requested books as possible, and you will be notified in advance of the conference if your book(s) will not be able to be sold at the bookfair.

PLEASE NOTE: The UA Bookstore can accept a maximum of 3 book requests per person and 10 requests per publisher. If you submitted more than 3 book requests, ALTA will pass on the last 3 requests to the bookstore. 

Conference attendees (publishers, translators, etc) may NOT place fliers, books, or any other materials on the bookfair tables. We are grateful the UA Bookstore is willing to facilitate our bookfair and we can all do our part to ensure that it is a good experience for them.

All books requested through this form will also automatically be added to our virtual ALTA46 bookfair (see below!) if they are available on Bookshop. There will not be an option to sell books on consignment, though you may keep copies of your books with you and sell them yourself (no tables available).

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at

The deadline to request a book was August 1, 2023. Virtual Bookfair

browse the alta46 virtual bookfair

All books requested for the ALTA46 Bookfair will automatically be included in our ALTA46 virtual bookfair on as well.

Please note that not all books are available on Books must have an ISBN and be available through Ingram to appear on We also cannot list books that are sold on Bookshop pages outside of the US (such as the UK Bookshop). We will upload as many titles as we are able.